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We are currently looking for TWO student representatives from each of the following schools to be Senior Representatives for Forever Memories Photography.
Fort Dodge Senior High
St. Edmond
Eagle Grove
Mason Northwest Webster
Webster City

What does being a representative for Forever Memories Photography mean exactly?
Being a senior rep means you are a spokesperson for Forever Memories Photography’s senior sessions. All you have to do is show off your awesome pictures to your friends! It’s true! You’ll be supplied with referral cards and with each referral you’ll earn opportunities for special bonuses.

Do I have to pay regular prices for my session?
Absolutely not! One of the perks of being a senior rep is special senior rep pricing. You’ll enjoy:
Free Session ($100 Value)
 50 Referral Cards
 5 Watermarked Images to use on Facebook
 Accordion Brag Album for showing photos to friends in person

To review the full pricing in the product guide simply shoot me an email to:

What’s required of me?
Signed model release
Share your photos on facebook with family and friends
 Pass out your referral cards to any seniors you think would be interested. Remember, you are our spokesperson!
  Minimum $200 purchase
Ok, cut to the chase. You mentioned special bonuses?

Right! Earn bonuses by referring your friends! With every booked referral you get one credit. Cash in your referral credits for any of the following, or save them up to increase the value of your bonus!
1 referral – $40 print credit

3 referrals – $15 Gift card to target

5 referrals – $25 Gift card to ITunes

8 referrals – $50 Gift card to Crossroads Mall

10 referrals – $75 Gift card to Crossroads Mall

25 referrals – 8GB Ipod Touch

To earn your credit, you friend must let us know you referred them at time of booking. Your friends will enjoy an additional $40 print credit with your referral card.
Get Mom and Dad Involved!
Before you can become an official Senior Rep, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian. Once you’ve filled out the application and if you are selected as a representative, a phone or in person consultation with at least one of your parents or guardians is a must! As a parent herself, Jayme knows how important it is for your folks to know what you’ll be getting for participating, what is expected of you, and that you are all generally on the same page. Informed parents are happy parents!
Alright, alright! I’m sold! What next?
So are you ready for your session? If you think this program is for you, send me an email  so you can fill out the Senior Rep Application ASAP. Spots are filling up quickly!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Couple Taking Pictures Before The Ceremony? Discussion on "the reveal"

Who would have ever thought a groom would see his bride before the ceremony.  This seems to be a strong growing trend among the wedding industry. Everyone says the wedding day is gone before you know it so why not start together as early as possible with before hand pics!
For some brides, they prefer to take their time during the day to make the best of the photo shots while using proper lighting.  The hair and makeup will be perfectly fresh and will look their best for the photos.  They also don’t want that feeling of being rushed because they are late for their reception and making their guests wait for their arrival.    Getting all the photos done before hand will allow the wedding couple to arrive at the reception on time and have that chance to mix and mingle with the guests and enjoy their own signature drink! 
Now, this idea is not for all and there are still many brides that won’t even consider seeing each other before the ceremony.    If you have an early ceremony allowing 3-4 hours before the reception starts than all the pro’s listed above would still apply here!
Photographers find pro’s and con’s to both scenario’s but ultimately, it’s the couple’s preference and they will do want needs to done in the time frame allotted.  Some photographers do suggest that wedding pictures can be done during the day without the wedding couple actually seeing each other. For instance, you could have the bride and groom each behind a door as they capture the image.  Family photos can also be done with the bride and her family and the groom and his family.  This will leave you a little extra time for your own one on one images after the ceremony.
There is no right or wrong decision here but only a matter of personal choice.  Each couple is different but I will say there really is something special about wearing your dream dress and making that walk down the aisle, where your fiance see”s you for the VERY FIRST time.  The look on your husband’s face will be one to remember for a lifetime.


Wedding Edition: Why Photographers Take So Long & Tips To Keep Your guests From Waiting

This past Saturdays wedding I was not-so-intentionally reminded of how planning a wedding schedule is so important. Not only for you and your photographer, but for your guests.
I had to make a pit stop at the Inn at where we had just wrapped up the days after ceremony photos. The venue was very strict on their reception start and would not allow guests to go inside until a particular time. While in my stall, a few ladies had walked in mid-conversation about how annoyingly long pictures take after the ceremony. Giggling to myself (as we had been done for over a half hour) it made me very aware about how planning out your wedding day time line can be such a tricky thing. It’s a good thing I have a thick skin because I’m usually the one blamed for things running a little long.
To a photographers defence there are reasons why we do “take so long”. If anyone has looked into a wedding photographer recently you have probably noticed that most of our styles have gone way above and beyond the standard statue poses and high flash lighting. Every day wedding photography is turning into a mater piece work-of-art, under very short time constraints.
Things to consider when you’re planning your wedding day:
- An ever more popular solution is a cocktail hour at the reception venue – consider doing your photographs nearby as you won’t keep your guests waiting as long. Music also goes a long way in entertaining. Maybe you could consider having something live like a string quartet or cover band if your budget allows.
- Ask only family members having their picture taken to accompany the wedding party and the photographer. This way you’re less distracted with people trying to pull you aside or grab a ‘quick photo’. 100 ‘quick photos’ take a lot of time, may (probably) annoy your photographer, and keep you from getting back to your own big party. It’s quite often I will have my couple stand together outside the ceremony JUST for the guests to get in a pic (to post to Facebook) and show off the new couple immediately. However, sometimes the weather or the time line doesn’t always allow for this.
- If you plan on taking considerable amounts of time for your photography, consider mentioning with your invitations nearby places to grab an appetizer and a drink or maybe a mini-golf course or something fun to do in the meantime. If you’re doing an outside or tent reception come up with some fun games, could be as simple as horse shoes, for your guests to start up on their own. Etsy has TONS of fun hand-made ideas that are sure to impress and for those on a budget – the dollar store is a wonderful place to find cost effective entertainment.
- Do first-look photos (photos together before the ceremony) to cut down the after ceremony wait. Did you know that the big reveal down the isle, although has been adopted as a tradition, originated from arranged marriages so that the couple doesn’t have a chance to change their minds? Doing your photos before the ceremony could put you directly into your party after the ceremony – how much fun would that be?! For everyone!
Things to consider as a guest of a wedding:
- Save your ‘quick pics’ for the reception. Chances are you’ll get a great shot in your Thank You card that the photographer has taken. Maybe the couple will have a photo booth at their wedding where you can get a professional shot of yourselves with the couple.
- Be proactive. Take a look at the time that the bride and groom have set aside until the reception and do a bit of homework. Is there an art gallery or a market in the area to go and check out? Maybe there is a nice patio to sit out on (with a beverage) to take the day’s events in and chat with other guests.
Because of so many restrictions with vendors it’s hard to plan a day that flows perfectly. Try to contact your venue or your photographer prior to your big day to come up with some ideas to accommodate your guests. Best thing to do is remember that the day of the wedding the only thing you can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the day as it happens. It’ll go by so fast.
Regardless your guests are there to enjoy and celebrate your BIG DAY with the two of you. If the photo portion after the ceremony goes a little long and someone needs to point a finger, blame me, I’m used to it.
Article written by:  Alicia Riley
Alicia Riley Photography –

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer 2012 Wedding Special

 Lifestyle Photography by Jayme Peters
Forever Memories Photography
Serving Central Iowa, MN, KS, and NB.

*includes complimentary consultation (via phone or in-person)
*engagement session can be added to package for $75
*travel fees are charged for locations over 50 miles from Fort Dodge, Iowa
*total package due at booking along with signed contract
*$500 special includes full day coverage with disc (prints and other products are extra)

Please contact Jayme for further details:
{Phone}: 515-576-8533 (studio)  515-570-8411 (cell)
{Email}:  -or-

Monday, May 7, 2012

{1,200k Giveaway}-winners announced!!

And the winners are:

(1) FMP: La Belle Collection Action Set
      comment #11- Jennifer Gregg
(2) FotoTale Designs: $25 Gift Certificate
      comment #30- Sasha Espinoza
(3) Heidi's Hook: 6-12 month Cotton Bonnet w/Hand Sewn Trim
      comment #15- Rachelle Morehead
(4) Yours Truely Photography: One Photo Edit
      comment #7- Peggy
(5) For You, With Love: $25 Gift Certificate
      comment #34- Melissa Simon
(6) Trinket & Pixie: One Vintage Teenie Beanie
      comment #16- BrieAnn
(7) Imaginations: $50 Store Credit
      comment #24- Tami Farquhar
(8) Crochet Sisters: One Newborn Hat
      comment #12- Linsey Hathaway
(9) 4iActions & Design: $10 Store Credit
      comment #2- LM
(10) Poppy Seed Props & Boutique- One Lavendar Infant Wrap
        comment #5- Jessica Chambers

Congrats to all the winners!!
Each winner has 48 hours to claim their prize with the vendor they won from :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

1,200k Giveaway!

We have an amazing group of vendors that have so generously contributed to this
giveaway! There will be one winner per many chances to win!!
(all winners are responsible for shipping of non-digital items)
Once winners are chosen, you will have 48 hours to claim with the vendor, or another entrant will be selected.

You will have approx 2 weeks to enter this awesome giveaway!!

Giveaway starts April 16th, 2012 and ends May 4th at 11:59pm CST.

Please leave ONE comment entry on this blog post stating that you completed steps ONE AND TWO. That ONE COMMENT ENTRY will serve as your giveaway entry.

1. Visit each vendor’s facebook page and “like” it. Leave some kind words on their wall if you feel so inclined!
2. Visit Forever Memories Photography on facebook and “like” our page – Facebook

1. Make this your status on your facebook fan page “Go check out @Forever Memories Photography at to enter to win their 1,200k giveaway!”. Be sure to use the @ symbol to tag our page.
2. Make a purchase with any of the vendors. Each purchase you make will count as one additional entry, just comment on this blog post with what you purchased from which vendor. This will be verified!
3. Follow the Forever Memories Photography blog and come back and leave a comment that you have done this.

You have FOUR + chances to win! Good luck,
and thanks again to my wonderful fans and vendors for making this

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Participants are providing information to Forever Memories Photography and not to facebook.

Forever Memories Photography-set of 11 photoshop actions
Facebook | Esty
Fototale Designs-$25 Gift Certificate
Facebook | Shop
Heidi's Hook- 6-12 month cotton bonnet with hand sewn trim
Yours Truly Photography-one photo edit

For You, With Love-$25 Gift Certificate
Facebook | Shop

Trinket and Pixie-one vintage teenie beanie

Imaginations-$50 Store Credit
Facebook | Shop
The Crochet Sisters-one newborn hat
Facebook | Etsy

4i Actions and Design-$10 store credit
Facebook | Shop

Poppy Seed Props & Boutique-one lavendar infant wrap
Facebook | Etsy

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